About Us

Unicorn Maritimes (India) Pvt. Ltd. was established in 1983, with a very humble beginning by Managing Director Dr.Arul A Joseph. The company aimed to produce world class Ship Agency Services at all Indian Ports.

Today the company described as one of the largest leading Ship Agency Houses in India planted its branches all Indian Ports having Chennai as its Head Quarters.

Unicorn Maritimes, Unicorn Groups also performs chartering /Broking & Trading in Dry-Bulk, Edible Oils and Break Bulk Cargoes

Why choose Us


Unicorn Maritimes, Unicorn Groups is one of the most awarded Ship Agency for handling large tonnages of Dry Bulk Cargoes in India


First Agent to Handle Edible Oil, Coal Vessel in East Coast India.


First Agent to Bring and Handle Cape Size Bulk Carrier Laden with Iron ore Cargo at East Coast India.

Our Team